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Oasis Area 16

Oasis Area 16 extreme difficulty PvPvE server. Tired of the same hum drum server with admins complaining about minibikes, what you do, etc? This may be the server for you. PvP is allowed but discouraged. Instead we encourage you to make friends, and team up to build your defenses to survive the night. Think you can handle super buff, fast moving zombies that will actually look for you? Come and give this one a try.

Normal Playtime Details

Direct IP:

Server Name: Oasis A16

Player Slots: 32

Max Framerate: 50

Difficulty: 5

Day Length: 60 minutes / 16 hours (ingame)

Loot: 200%

Modified Valmod Expansion, Allocs, plus loads of extra customs

Map Reset: 45-60 Days (player base may or not be wiped)

Server Reset: 24hrs (00:00 GMT-6)

Air Drops: 72 Hours

Loot Reset: 7 Days

Mod File: Download Link.

Current Map

Oasis Live Server is currently offline.  Please check discord for uptime status.

Ark Oasis Surver

The Ark Oasis server is a purge based cluster server. This means that there are different modes in which the server runs at different times based on a real time schedule. Six days a week the server runs nearly normal settings with debuffs to buildings vs damage. One day out of the week, the server turns to utter caos were anything goes. All settings are greatly increased to create an absolute all out PVP experience. There is only 1 rule. What happens on the purge stays on the purge. If your salty about something that happened then you are not allowed to talk about the details of that event until the next purge is in progress. The idea here is to bottle up your salt shaker and give that special someone a good sprinkle on the next purge, being you have 6 full days of worry free play to build, train, and prepare. Check the server stats below for purge and non purge status.

Normal Playtime Details

1.5% XP

2.5% Taming

1.75% Harvesting with 1.75% hit boost (Player only)

Player max XP 100,000

Dino max XP 100,000

.25% Damage to structures

125% Damage increase for turretts

Breeding boosts are disabled.

PVP respawn timer 180 seconds

Purge Playtime Details


8.5% Taming

7.5% Harvesting (200% damage boost Players and Dinos)

200% Damage to Structures

200% Damage increase to Players and Dinos

Turrets damage 125%

Breeding Boosts 60%

PVP respawn timer 30 seconds