So with some development ideas in mind Ive been shopping around for a honeycomb ready android tablet for months.  After lots of visits to bestbuy and other gadget stores only to leave upset and disgruntled;  I found the Pandigital Supernova e-reader pad.  It greatly resembles the 8″ MID pad from china which is a clone of the asus epad.  Like most of these pads, the official android market is not installed on the pad out of the box and the only app resource is a market clone which is very limited and the apps are meh.  So i decided when I found the supernova that i would attempt to root and install the missing google apps which would turn the e-reader into a fully functional android tablet that includes the android market app.

So lets get down to business.  The following directions are to be followed on the tablet itself.

First Download this zip archive and extract it to your sd card.

panditial supernova file pack

  • Step 1

    This whole process requires an SD card.  So if you dont have one, go get one.

    Goto Settings>SD Card & device storage settings
    Format SD card
    Goto Settings>Applications>Development — turn USB debugging on
    Plug the Mini USB into Tab and turn on USB Storage if it does not automatically prompt you.
    Copy the Gingerbreak-v1.20.apk file to your device (PD_Universe not the SD card.)
    Copy the folders (gtablet && extras) to your SD card.
    Turn off USB Storage and unplug the Mini USB.

  • Step 2

    Goto Apps>ES File Explorer
    Navigate to the PD Universe folder.
    Run the Gingerbreak app.  Follow the directions and proceed to rooting.
    The device should reboot on its own when the process completes.  If it doesnt.  Reboot the Tablet and the root should have taken affect.  If not repeat the root process.
    You can check to see if the device is rooted by making sure the SuperUser app is installed.

  • Step 3

    Now proceed to installing the market prereqs.
    Goto Apps>ES File Explorer
    Navigate to the SD Card>gtablet>app folder.

    Install in the following order.

    onetime initializer
    setup wizard
    google services framework.

    Now install Market.1.8.2

    Android Market 3.4.4 works but is extremely bugged.  Very Likely to crash.  not recomended at this time.
    Android Market 1.8.2 works great but will only show you approved apps.  Non compatible apps will not display.

    Choose wizely.

  • Step 4



    Reboot the device imediately after the install completes.
    When the device reboots.  Click the “use by default this action” ticker at the bottom and click “Launcher”.
    Go back to Settings>Applications>Development and turn USB debugging off.


Now you can go back into Apps>ES File Explorer and install the goodies in the extras folder if you like.

if you need the Firmware.. here it is. PD removed the download link for some weird reason.

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Frank says:

Thanks for the great instructions but when I try to load Gingerbreak apk from PD Universe folder I keep getting parse error. Any idea? Thanks in advance.

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Lynda says:

do you know if this will fix the wifi issue with the Pandigital SuperNova??

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RJ says:

Will this also work on the Vizio VTAB1008?

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Rich Searle says:

I just rooted my new pandigital SuerNova Tablet
It worked just like you said…….Thanks

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onykage says:

Lynda: no it wont fix it but if you do this and then download system tuner from the market and enable all tweaks on reboot then that will aid the issue.

@Frank, dude i got no idea, redownload it and try try again.

@RJ, don’t think so, that pad is honeycomb not gingerbread. And i think they fixed the honeycomb root exploit. Check out

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SwAyGwANStAR says:

Thanks Onykage , these steps were simple & it worked for me perfectly ^__^ , but tha only problem i got is that my Pandigital Supernova just wont connect to the WiFi in my house :/ , for some reason it always connects to other connections but my mines , is there anything i can do to fix that??

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onykage says:

Not sure. Have you tried connecting to your network being really close to the wifi router? Are you sure your login credentials are correct for your network?

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TheRatio says:

Anyone tried installing the new Google Play, the market replacement, yet?

Also just an FYI for anyone who’s been using your Pandigital for awhile. After the last FW update that rolled out last month my tablet ran a bit smoother but was still glitchy. For something unrelated I did a factory reset on it and afterwards it ran MUCH smoother. Re-installed market just like it says up above and all is well. Just something to try if your device is a bit laggy and quirky like mine was.

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onykage says:

yeah here is the FW release. its buggy but works better then the factory shipped one. And being PD removed the download link to it you cant get this FW release any longer.. so click here…..

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Kyat says:

Are you able to root the pd supernova dlx with the lastest fw-(01022012)?

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Mark says:

I came across a post by you in a forum while trying to figure out why my nephew’s Pandigital tablet wouldn’t connect to WiFi anymore. Your post led me to this page where I was able to finally get some clear answers, update the FW, and fix the issue. Thank you very much onykage, you made one little boy very happy!

There is a new firmware version out: 01052012, and would be worth updating this page with it… Pandigital support is useless.

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giovanni says:

Comment removed .. everyone needs more spam

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cyrus allan says:

my mac address changed to 0000000..will fw update 01022012 fix my wifi issue?

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rocketero says:

There is a better method to install the Market 3.4.4 and after install one can update it to the latest version just by running the app a couple of times. And it does NOT crash as you mentioned it this tutorial.

I got my tablet today from the shipper and in less than 30 minutes I was already running Google Play Store 3.8.17 as of today’s update.

I did it manually but this site also has a procedure to do it semi-automatically. Here is the link:

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Jano says:

I downloaded as explained on my Pandigital Supernova but I encountered a different issue. I removed the ebooks file needed to “sideload” files from desktop or laptop computer to tablet. I was hoping to read some books I downloaded in PDF format to my tablet but with now downloadable file to export them to the tablet I have a problem with the root. Any fixes please provide, Thanks JP

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Jano says:

An error in the previous comment. The root program eliminated the efile for Ebooks needed to download, ie sideload files to the tablet from my desktop computer. Any fix is appreciated. Thanks

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onykage says:

Unless I update this thread otherwise, I am no longer supporting this root fix for the PD supernova. The one that I had died for no reason, and I sent it back to QVC and got a refund. If you have one, I suggest you do the same. If you have any issues, I apologize that this fix did not work for you.

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duky3 says:

Hi I have a problem with xtech tab.At record the necessary soft.tak not I touch screens and zvuk.Poradte please

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duky3 says:

Tab. wm8650

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patti says:

Please help, I downloaded Your zip file For the pandigital supernova tablet the last firmware that TD published but I am unable to get it to install into my tablet what am I doing wrong????

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Linda Hopkins says:

I want to thank everyone on this solution. I was ready to toss my Pandigital Super Nova in the trash until I did some researching on the WiFi fix. I was finally able to make connect with the helpful hints and download link provided on this forum. Thank you, thank you so much!

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Tony says:

Straight forward, perfect solution…

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Susan Jobson says:

I have a pandigital model # PRD09Tw-R90L200
I cannot get it to turn on. I do know there is a sequence to restart it, but have forgotten it. Does anyone out there know how to restart it or know where I can get a manual for this tablet? I would appreciate any help I can get.

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