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There is only 'Do' and 'Do Not' there is no 'Try'

Family Man

Family is the second most important thing in life.


Think openly and lets change the world together!


The day you stop learning is the day you meet your maker.


Life itself is the game of all games. I play to win, do you?


to my humble abode.

For 17 years my blog has been published on the web. So much has changed since then. The world wide web has grown far beyond my wildest imagination. So here is the 5th version of my blog since its birth in 1999. My blog is a sandbox of sorts. Its a place were I stash my personal projects. Programs and scripts I've come up with or modified over the years. Artwork that I have tried to bring to life, and of course my thoughts about things I come across in my day to day life. You might even find a tasty recipe here and there that I've decided to share with the world. I bid you welcome to my website. I can only hope that you find something here that will benefit you from time to time.