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So what is Onykage Gaming?  Simple really.

Ever get tired of endless trolling, cheating, hacking, exploits, toxic attitudes, or just constant grief?

Ever wanted to find a community where both you and your kids could play games together safely with out having to worry about what may happen or be said to your kids?

Been looking for a clean and sportsmanlike competitive group of avid gamers?

If any of the above apply to you, then you finally found a home.  Let me formally introduce myself and welcome you.  I am Onykage, (Kage in-game).  I am a 42 year old single dad who has a passion for gaming and has children with the same passion and love for gaming of all kinds.  My kids constantly asked me for years, "Dad, can I play??".  And I always wanted to let them but I knew about the constant toxicity in most gaming servers and surrounding the same communities.  I wanted to find a community where me and my kids could play together, safely with no worry of bad language, toxic game play and the normal environment you see on public game servers today.  I realized that not many parents had the resources or the knowledge to do this, so.. I did it.  I personally manage all games provided by this community and I have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to flamers and gaming.  You wont find that kind of nonsense here.  Just good times, clean atmosphere, and great memories yet to come.  Join us, its free and your welcome!  I hope I see you around.