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So with some development ideas in mind Ive been shopping around for a honeycomb ready android tablet for months.  After lots of visits to bestbuy and other gadget stores only to leave upset and disgruntled;  I found the Pandigital Supernova e-reader pad.  It greatly resembles the 8″ MID pad from china which is a clone of the asus epad.  Like most of these pads, the official android market is not installed on the pad out of the box and the only app resource is a market clone which is very limited and the apps are meh.  So i decided when I found the supernova that i would attempt to root and install the missing google apps which would turn the e-reader into a fully functional android tablet that includes the android market app.

So lets get down to business.  The following directions are to be followed on the tablet itself.

First Download this zip archive and extract it to your sd card.

panditial supernova file pack

  • Step 1

    This whole process requires an SD card.  So if you dont have one, go get one.

    Goto Settings>SD Card & device storage settings
    Format SD card
    Goto Settings>Applications>Development — turn USB debugging on
    Plug the Mini USB into Tab and turn on USB Storage if it does not automatically prompt you.
    Copy the Gingerbreak-v1.20.apk file to your device (PD_Universe not the SD card.)
    Copy the folders (gtablet && extras) to your SD card.
    Turn off USB Storage and unplug the Mini USB.

  • Step 2

    Goto Apps>ES File Explorer
    Navigate to the PD Universe folder.
    Run the Gingerbreak app.  Follow the directions and proceed to rooting.
    The device should reboot on its own when the process completes.  If it doesnt.  Reboot the Tablet and the root should have taken affect.  If not repeat the root process.
    You can check to see if the device is rooted by making sure the SuperUser app is installed.

  • Step 3

    Now proceed to installing the market prereqs.
    Goto Apps>ES File Explorer
    Navigate to the SD Card>gtablet>app folder.

    Install in the following order.

    onetime initializer
    setup wizard
    google services framework.

    Now install Market.1.8.2

    Android Market 3.4.4 works but is extremely bugged.  Very Likely to crash.  not recomended at this time.
    Android Market 1.8.2 works great but will only show you approved apps.  Non compatible apps will not display.

    Choose wizely.

  • Step 4



    Reboot the device imediately after the install completes.
    When the device reboots.  Click the “use by default this action” ticker at the bottom and click “Launcher”.
    Go back to Settings>Applications>Development and turn USB debugging off.


Now you can go back into Apps>ES File Explorer and install the goodies in the extras folder if you like.

if you need the Firmware.. here it is. PD removed the download link for some weird reason.

Ive been thinking about doing this for some time now. And alas I’ve done it. By clicking this link you will be taken back in time to see the old version 3 of the site scheme. Don’t laugh! This was at one time ground breaking! heh like 7 years ago. So without further ado i present to you, “Retro Red“. Too much?? well click “HERE” and everything will go back to normal. I havn’t quite decided if I will make the retro theme part of the current build as of yet but hey it was fun to bring the ole girl back from the archives.

Hope you had a awesome weekend and your 4000 calories =D.

I have no idea what came over me, but i decided i wanted to brave Black Friday with Cass. Sheesh! I have said on many occasions that Frost had it dead on in the movie “blade” when he calls people cattle. But to see it spelled out for you inside Walmart at 11:45pm on Turkey Day is something completely different. I didn’t see a bunch of people hording around the treadmills, but i did see a horde of people who needed to get one, or at least a gym membership. People crowded up, huddled together like sardines in a can waiting for the clock to strike twelve to save a killer 20%. People killing themselves to grab stuff that is available any other day of the year and some times at a cheaper price. You would think they turned people into rats and were handing out cheese.

So 12 o-clock comes soon after we arrive and oh, you could tell. Sounded like a hidden plague entered the store about 25 seconds before midnight. People practically jumping over the isles just to grab sheets. And in about 2 minutes its over. Now comes the fun part, protect your buggy and wait for the next 2 hours to check out. This is where I started having lots of really deviant ideas. And ways to beat the system the masses had put together in Walmart. In the mean time, I had no interest in fighting or running all through the store trying to be the first to grab the last item of some kind. So we decided to make use if our time and at least rack up for Z’s birthday. So we perused around the store, and found alot of the same items people were fighting over in the main isles resting quietly on the shelves, waiting patiently to be picked up. I also saw alot of people who obviously do this Black Friday thing alot, as they had found a quiet spot in the isle to sit and wait out the mass-istaria.

  • Idea1: Don’t even bother getting a buggy. Why? All you do is stand around trying to push your buggy no where, while people with out buggies push you out of their way whilst grabbing the last RC car off the shelf beside you.
  • Idea2: Deploy stink tactics to buy more time. I have no idea why but it seemed like a hilarious idea to smear “Doe n Heat” all over my boots and back of my pants. Then eat as many hard boiled eggs as I could possibly stand to consume. And Brave the crowd with some ammunition! I think people would be less likely to be all inside my bubble if I reek of 3 week old urine and rotten eggs.
  • Idea3: Buggy Diving. I saw lots of occasions i could have grabbed something out of someone else’s buggy near me. I mean it belongs to the store until you actually pay for it right? So just up the ante a tad when store items have a ragging lunatic who just left their purse, and entire contents of their buggy to chase after the person who just ran off with something not even worth the squabble over.
  • Idea4: The check out diversion. Cause a squabble between 2 or 3 parties and move into their checkout spot in line while they argue over who was supposed to get what.
  • Idea5: Limit items to allow for less of a fight to get something. Seeing people with 2 and 3 of everything they rushed to grab was silly. But when i saw the guy at the front of the store who was checking out with 4 LCD TV’s I was like OK, that takes the cake.
  • Idea6: Rummage Sale. Yup exactly what i mean too. While walking around the store i saw hundreds of items people had been fighting for earlier sitting alone abandoned in an isle. Like someone at the last minute came to their senses and realized they couldn’t afford to buy all that junk.
  • Idea7: The protective shield. Ok, i know I’m not the first person to think about some of this stuff and its only a matter of time before someone else tries some of it. So the final idea I had and deployed while at Walmart this year was the use of a Tupperware Bin. Its got a clasping top, put all your stuff inside and push it around on the slick Walmart floor. Keeps your stuff safe, and people out of your loot.

And after it was all over, I found myself setting back in my chair at awe over the marvel of it all. The Supermarkets engineered all this. An ingenious way to get people into the stores to spend ridiculous amounts of money. And this isn’t a recent trend either, more over it is actually a older trend that is growing larger every year and even with casualty in some cases. All of which is created because people think that they can save $1 dollar while spending $20 dollars. And to think that the internet is a fools paradise. In all honesty one of the major problems with our countries economy isn’t the bailout and it isn’t over spending by Government. How can any American who lives beyond his/her means, over spends on everything possible, and has so much bent up greed that they want to consume everything around them including their own children complain about a government that is just doing what the people themselves do.


Ok so i finally took the time to sit down and finish integrating wordpress into the custom CMS engine i wrote to control this website.   Also for the mean time i took down superscriptz until i can decide what to do about my server migration problem.

and it will be nice when i figure out how to get facebook to be completely seamless with my blog.

Original Post..


I got tired of re-inventing the wheel and i felt like the ole homesite was becoming a complete cluster monkey so I decided to stop hand writing all my own code re-organize everything, use some code that works, and just improve whats already there. Soo Much easier! So.. after a few hours and a wordpress install, here we are. Now if I can just figure out how to put my damned artwork back in. But hey, the promo section is looking pimp tho isnt it? I just need to put the rest of the content, links, and suck back in. SOO much to doo, SOOOO little time, ARGE!!!

Ok, so you moved everything, where is all the scritps and free software ??!!?? .. um check out Its where i stashed all that stuff and a whole lot of new stuff.

Ok so where is all the gaming stuff ?!?! .. um thats now all at, along with a full collection of videos and even more scripts.

The other stuff, well, let me get something decent and i’ll post where it is. Chill out, its gonna be all gravy.

Ok, this just begs for my personal opinion on this. This morning, I was doing my usual perusing of the internet and I stumbled onto an ad that had someone holding an ipad and the caption says “iPads for $23.74?”. So I scratched my head for a second and I was like how is this even possible. So i clicked the ad to support the webhost of the site I was on which was The site promptly loads and your looking at LIVE auctions being conducted, and the auction listing prices are ridiculously low.

I decided to do some research, so I signed up for the service, and I’m greeted with your standard who are you form for registration and I click “submit” and a new page is loaded, this page asking for a credit card and telling me that I can purchase 100 bid points for $60.00. That is 60 cents per bid point, with a bid point having a bid value of 1 penny. And it hit me, I couldn’t help but sit in awe over the e-commerce scam I had just witnessed taking place before my very eyes. I have been telling people for years that the internet was a con artists paradise, but I had never seen anything of this magnitude.

I’m going to advise you straight out, stay clear, but me being me, let me show you what your really getting into. For starters here is a snippet of the actual email sent me. You will notice that even the email sent to me is misleading.

Thank you for registering with QuiBids, a revolutionary, fast-paced auction site.
First, we wanted to see if we could assist you by answering any questions you might have about our site. We truly believe that you will notice the great deals our site has to offer once you start using it!

How QuiBids Works:
Each bid costs just $0.60. Bids are available in Bid Packs of 40, 75, 300, 600 and 800 bids. These bids are pre-paid and placed in your Bids Account. Each time you place a bid, one bid is deducted from your Bids Account, and a maximum of 20 seconds is added to the timer each time someone bids. This gives enough time for someone else to make the decision to bid if they’re interested. This is similar to the “Going Once…Twice…SOLD” approach of auctions.

If you are the top bidder when the timer reaches zero, you win!  You then pay the ending auction price plus shipping.  If you do not win, you lose your bids that have been placed; however, we offer on most auctions a “Buy it Now” feature! This feature allows you to put the money spent in bids on the item towards buying the item.  An example is illustrated below:

Let’s say you spend 30 bids trying to win a $30 product, but you don’t win it. Your 30 bids are worth $18, so if you exercised the “Buy it Now” for that item, you would pay the value price of $30 less the $18 in bids you spent trying to win the item. Thus, you could go ahead and buy the item for just $12 in this example.

This feature limits the risk in participating in our auctions as we offer the “Buy it Now” feature for the majority of our auctions!

Ok, take note that the opening sentence tells you that the service is revolutionary and fast paced. Im not going to say anything further, instead, do the math yourself, its really quite a simple equation.

Take a good look at the advertisement screen-shot posted above. Notice that the Apple 27″ iMac sold for $85.78. Ok, remember that the auction increments in 20 second intervals at a rate of 1 cent per increment. Lets put that into a realistic prospective. $85.78 converts to 8,578 increments at 20 seconds per step equals 171,560 seconds or 47.68 hours or just under 2 days. I’m not sure about you but 2 days of sitting in front of a computer watching an auction increment 1 penny every 20 seconds in hardly fast paced. “But wait, there’s more!“: Announcer voice; Lets go back to that sale price, $85.78. They have a MSRP price listed there of $1,555.00. That’s not a bad price, i did my own research to verify the MSRP they are quoting and i used google. Now I noticed right off that 87% and 85.00 seems too close to be correct, so running the percent off through a calculator i found that the actual savings was closer to 81.872%, still not that bad. Hey I am not going to complain about an 80% plus discount. But then I asked myself, if they sold the item at an 80% off discount, how on earth are they not paying the auction subscribers just to use the site, much less spend the countless thousands of dollars on advertising? Well it’s actually more simple math and these numbers are truly astounding.

8,578 bids at $0.60 per bid plus the actual auction price of the item equals $5,232.58 ((8578*.6)+85.78=$5232.58).

$5,232.58!!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS???!!

Yeah, sip on your drink and resonate on that a second or two. At a rate of $5,232.58, this e-commerce website just made a 236.5% profit, or the auction winner paid enough money to have purchased the same item 3 times over with some change left over for that TT&L, roughly $400.

And again, there is more. When reading through the terms and conditions of the sites usage i noticed a tiny clause at the bottom. From a legal standpoint, I know exactly why the statement was put there, but its just a jaw breaker to actually read in a binding contract EULA, you can read the entire Terms and Conditions statement here.

Placing bids online at frequently or repeatedly can incur high costs. We would like to advise all users to monitor their bidding practices. Therefore, users should pay attention to their bidding practices and check their charges regularly.

Again there is more. In the email snippet above, they tell you that you have the option of a “Buy it Now”. And the price is as listed minus the value of the number of bids placed. The email says you will pay $12.00 for the item. Lets regress for just a second. You already paid $60.00 for 100 credits remember, so you spent $18.00 worth of credits on this one $30.00 auction, which they will gladly give you a discount of $18.00, thus allowing you to buy the item for $12.00. Ok, i dunno about you but i just spent $60.00 to get the credits and then another $12.00 to get this $30.00 item. Off the top of my head that’s $72.00 for something that would have cost you $29.95 at Walmart.

Where did I derive these numbers from? Well for starters, once you purchase the credits, there is NO REFUND!. So win or loose your out the initial investment. Then, you have to spend more money, plus shipping to actually get an item that you wanted. When you add in shipping plus the escrow of your investment and the cost of the item, Fingerhut would be a cheaper sale price on your behalf.

So what can you get from this? Well, here is a blog i found yet again on google. Its just one, and i found several. I will tell you now, beware of all the response comments posted by people who “supposedly got this SUPER great deal”. Keep in mind that SEO companies pay people $14.00 per hour to get on sites like this and post comments and threads giving their client the lime light.

It’s just me but id tell you to stay clear of these sites.  If you had thought about giving it a shot, i would personally tell you go to a casino and get on a slot machine, you may have better chances of actually getting your monies worth.

Were you one of the people who bought the first iPhone? Well I was and I loved it. Well that is until the iPhone3g came out, and then of course the iPhone3gs. Well of course i bought the iPhone3g when it came out which left me with an iPhonr2g sitting on my desk. It took me forever to figure out what I was gonna do with that iPhone. I didn’t want to sell it because it is so readily hackable, and no one in my family wanted it because it was either too much gadget or they owned a newer one. So some time around the week of Christmas, I got the crazy idea, with the help of my wife to turn the iPhone2g into a iPod touch for my 2 year old daughter. The idea seemed a bit lavish at first but I soon found myself going at it strong. I ended up re-hacking the iPhone2g so I could both unlock it and make it work without a SIM card. And let me stop there and just show you what I did.

So first things first, we need to brick this sucker so we can make it call proof without a SIM card. So you have 2 options now, you can head over to and pay $25 dollars for a universal iPhone hack or you can do a bit of research and you can alternatively do it this way. First we need to get a program called “redsn0w” and you can get it here or here. Now for this article, and instance I personally used redsn0w 0.8 which requires the iphone firmware version 3.0 or 3.0.1. You can find those firmwares plus loads of others from here.

After you have downloaded the firmware and redsn0w its time to move on to the next step. When you run redsn0w and give it the location to the firmware it will ask you for if you want into install cydia, icy, and or unlock. For this because there is no support or demand for childrens applications on the hacked app install database, its not needed here so im going to just unlock the phone. The next screen will prompt you for the boot loaders. Yup because this is a older original iphone you need 2 separate boot loaders. You can aquire those here or here.

So now we get to a tricky part. redsn0w will have directions on the program window that are greyed out and become active on a timer that you can see. Follow the directions verbatim. When the phone hits the rescue mode redsn0w will take over and the magic will start to happen. Once the process is finished (10 minutes or so) its time to start adding some media suitable for a 2 year old onto the device. So I decided to drag out some of my babies favorite DVDs. One of which happens to be Mary Poppins. So in order to continue from here we have to rip the DVD and encode it to a portable format. Now there is no need for me to get into an explanation of how to rip a DVD in this article so, you can find a nice step by step tutorial here that uses free software. The rest as they say is history. I did take the time to move all but a few of the icons on to an auxiliary window on the ipod so they wouldn’t reside on the home screen. Buttons such as the phone, text messages, and so on. In return I replaced the missing buttons with some nice free games from the apple app store such as “bubble wrap”, and “tap tap revenge”.

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